How To Calm Down In A Difficult Situation

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5 Secrets of How To Calm Down In A Difficult Situation is a guest article written by Melisa Marzett. Any stressful situation requires clear thinking. Learn to relax in your daily life and you can quickly relax in stress. These 5 tips require some skill, daily training and self-control. The time spent will pay off.

Moving Beyond Comfort Zones For Growth

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Life Outside The Comfort Zone: Moving Beyond Fear For Growth, is a guest article written by Sharon Torres. Feeling safe is important for survival. Taking yourself beyond that zone can initially cause panic & fear for safety. Helpful to venturing outside your comfort zone is understanding what lies beyond.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Mind

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind is a guest article by Melisa Marzett. We receive mental energy from water, air, food, and we are cultural beings who consume energy from books we read. Enjoy her review of the main energy resources for refreshing and increasing the power of your mind.

Erase Fearful Feelings From Your Life

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Erase fearful feelings from your life. That seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem. It’s your reaction that has you shaking. That’s why, if you’ll become conscious of a fearful condition instead of afraid of it, you’ll change forever your relationship with fear.

Do You Love Your Work?

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Love your work. Do something that inspires you; that fulfils you; that satisfies you. You make yourself sick in one way or another if you don’t do that. You make yourself unhappy, you make yourself physically sick and/or mentally sick. This is your life. Spend it doing something that fulfils you.

Can others help you gather motivation?

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Can others help you gather motivation? Article written by Wade S. Lang. It’s just plainly impossible to feel reinvigorated and motivated all the time. Choose to be around folks who remind you of the joys of giving it your all. It’s important to hinge on the positivity of others for the sake of our own.

9 Simple Winning Tips

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9 Simple Winning Tips is an article written by Lysa Rich. Each morning, use these 9 simple, yet powerful, winning tips to help turn your life around. They worked for Lysa and they will for you, too. As you put each step into action, you will feel empowered in taking care of yourself and growing.

Values Are More Important Than Skills

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Values Are More Important Than Skills is an article written by Denise D. Rodriguez. Your values are what make you teachable. With all skill and no values, you are blocking your journey to improvement. It’s only with the right values, that you’re able to accept failure to get yourself back out there.

Procrastination Lingering Over Your Head

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Procrastination Lingering Over Your Head is an article written by Chris Ferguson. What is it that is holding us back from reaching out to the new potential, that is waiting for us to grab it by the horn and take over, and how do we handle it? How can we get past it and take that next step for moving forward?

Music’s Lesson About Stuttering & Life

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Music’s Lesson About Stuttering and Life is an article written by Josh Drzewicki As Josh explains: Stuttering isn’t easy, but without it, I might not be where I am today. I wouldn’t have been able to fight through hard moments in life if I didn’t face adversity everyday. I’ve come out better because of it.

Meditation And Achievement

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Sometimes we get stuck and we don’t seem to move past a certain point. Read Meditation And Achievement, an article written by Gregory Lyons. Happiness doesn’t come from goal achievement, it comes from being, and being is about sharing the best part of you with others on a daily basis.

4 Reasons Why We Fail At Resolutions

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It’s February, have you given up? Love them or hate them, new year’s resolutions aren’t a bad idea. Far from it! Read 4 Reasons Why We Fail At Resolutions, an article written by Rudiano Fiano. People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t.

15 Ways To Rekindle Your Relationship

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It’s not time for you to give up on your relationship nor is it the time to look for adventure somewhere else. Read 15 ways to rekindle your relationship, and article written by Hubert Koh. There are so many things that can be done to reawaken every aspect of your relationship, this article may help.

Why We Don’t Take Action

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Read “Why We Don’t Take Action”, an article by Marcello Tommasi. Behind any success, whether you want to create more freedom for yourself, become highly educated, whatever your goal, behind that goal is action. The only way you’re going to get to that end goal is through repetitive action.

Choose to Keep the Company of Truth

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Read “Choose to Keep the Company of Truth”, an article by Guy Finley. Just as we need to keep an eye on the kinds of friends we keep around us, so must we also remain aware of the circle of “friends” we keep within us – our own thoughts and feelings. The inner determines the outer.

Let Go and Give Others Room to Grow

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Read “Let Go and Give Others Room to Grow”, an article by Guy Finley. There is one essential ingredient missing in most of our relationships. One that is definitely required, if we wish to continue in our own development and help others to do the same. this powerful catalyst is room in which to grow.

New Answers That Bring A New Life

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Read “New Answers That Bring A New Life”, an article written by Guy Finley. Without fail, and without judgement, life speaks directly to you through your own immediate experience of it. You get the exact measure of the answer you gave to life the moment before. Learn to listen for its wise counsel.

Triggered an Unresolved Emotional Issue?

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Learn “Why Pain or Injury Strike at Exactly the “Wrong” Moment”, in this article written by Barbara Clark. So often, when we are making big changes in our lives, our bodies step in to tell us that an unresolved emotional issue has been triggered. Your body is actually doing you a favor!

Start Seeing Good When Things Look Bad

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Read “Start Seeing the Good When Things Look Bad”, an article by Guy Finley. Even though most of us have little tolerance for anything that rocks our boat, unwanted moments introduce us to parts of ourselves that would otherwise never get healed, were it not for the difficulties that first reveal them.

Why You Need To Be Irreplaceable

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Why You Need To Be Irreplaceable To Succeed, an article written by Will Chou. A book review of “Linchpin” by Seth Godin. The main premise of the book is that the modern world has changed things. Everyone who wants to thrive in the workplace should work on being indispensable & irreplaceable.

Stop Listening To Anxiety’s Empty Promises

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Read “Stop Listening To Anxiety’s Empty Promises”, an article by Guy Finley. Anxious feelings are not there to help us. Instead, they keep us a prisoner in the world of their empty promises. Regardless of how convincing they are that we can’t live without them… who clings to their captors?

6 Signs You’re Not Living in the Present

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Likely, you have heard it a million times, the key to happiness is learning to live in the present moment. It is possible this motivated you to try a mindfulness practice and carve out time to quiet your busy mind, but you still haven’t yet found that calm and centered feeling you’re seeking.

6 Benefits of Living in Holographic Time

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The way you choose to perceive “Time” is the foundation for how you see yourself and the world. Our experience of time is merely an artifact of our conscious existence here on this earth. Our consciousness, like a hologram, is “naturally” an organic whole that refuses to be divided.

10 New Questions Lead to Self-Wholeness

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Read “10 New Questions That Lead to Self-Wholeness”, an article by Guy Finley. Each time you ask the right question, about an inner ache, you receive the new and right result of being released from the dark deceptions to fight with life. Use these ten new questions that lead you to self-wholeness.

Practice Living in the Presence Moment

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Read “Practice Living in the Presence Moment”, an article by Guy Finley. The amazing possibilities that appear each present moment are literally beyond thought. When our sense-dominated mind comes to a full stop, it stands in the presence of a delight beyond its capacity to contain.

Let Go and Know Peace

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Read “Let Go and Know Peace”, an article by Guy Finley. Discover how worldly desires deliver us into the hands of unseen opposing forces, a condition where the peace of mind not only fails to appear, but whose remnants create new forms of conflict along with their would-be rescuing desires.

4 Ways to Teach the Truths that Transform

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Read “4 Ways to Teach the Truths that Transform the World”, an article by Guy Finley. We human beings are born with an indefinable longing to grow beyond ourselves, to penetrate and illuminate the mysterious depths of our own heart. The ideal and pursuit of perfection is seeded into our soul.

Negative Thoughts to Productive Moments

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Read “Turn Negative Thoughts to Productive Moments” a guest article by Max Cron. Apply the solutions and practices to your own life. Remember, it is all about decisions. Deciding to focus thoughts rather than speculating, makes you more in control of your thoughts and thus more productive.

21 Unseen Blessings of Being Mindful

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Read “The 21 Unseen Blessings of Being Mindful”, an article by Guy Finley. The more awake we can be, the more mindful of the whole of ourselves we are before we start moving toward any aim in life, the less likely we are to find ourselves feeling stressed, angry, or fearful over where we end up.

Remember Your True Identity

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Read “Remember Your True Identity and Realize Self-Liberation”, an article by Guy Finley. See that nothing real stands between you & your wish to be free. The parts of you that “believe” in your inadequacy, are the same ones that send you looking for solutions to the suffering they engender.

Make The Fear Of Being No One, Fade Away

“Make The Fear Of Being No One, Fade Away” by Guy Finley “I know it’s a mistake looking to someone else for a sense of myself. I really do. Yet, what I don’t understand is why this need for approval runs so deep and so strong. I’ve heard lots of theories, but what I’d really…

Seven Insights into True Silence

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Read “Seven Insights into True Silence”, an article by Guy Finley & reveal the secret home of peace within you with Guy’s seven insights into true silence. We all have within us a very special part of ourselves within which we may be at peace regardless of what goes on around us. This yet-to-be realized state of ourselves may be called conscious self-awareness.

Discover Benefits of Acquiring New Skills

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“Discovering The Benefits of Acquiring New Skills” by Chassie Lee Some people spend time on acquiring new skills to make themselves more marketable and employment-worthy. Others are just madly passionate about learning and life-long education. Whichever category you belong to, one thing is certain: learning a new skill, whether that’s a language or handicraft, changes…

Let the World Inside of You Go By

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“Let the World Inside of You Go By” by Guy Finley A man once awakened to find himself riding through what appeared to be a haunted house. He didn’t know exactly where he was. All he did know was that it was very dark and that he was moving along with no choice as to…

But They Ripped Me Off!

But They Ribbed Me Off article image

But They Ripped Me Off! by David Ring III I recently purchased an air conditioning fan. I had my doubts about it. But after the recommendation of friends, I went ahead and made the purchase. It was the hot season in Thailand. Sweltering heat forced frequent naps and stagnated production. Our townhouse had an air-conditioner,…

Breathe Into Awareness

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Breathe Into Awareness by Christopher Pinckley For most people who I’ve talked to over the years the idea of establishing a regular meditation practice is somewhat daunting. Part of the problem is that most people who ‘try’ meditation aren’t really meditating. They are merely sitting still with their eyes closed and trying not to think.…

How I Became A Writer

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How I Became A Writer by Christopher Pinckley One of the greatest things to ever happen to me was that I became a writer. Now I don’t mean this was because I started writing or that I found my voice or that I was finally able to express myself. What I mean is that I…

Start Using Procrastination To Become More Productive

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Start Using Procrastination To Become More Productive by Mat Veni Are you going to read this later? It’s ok, I have nothing against distractions or procrastination. Neither do our brains. But you won’t do it later. Now or probably never. So let the urge to switch to another relaxing event pass. Are you ready for…

10 Confidence Building Daily Routines For Successful People

Build Your Confidence Image

10 Confidence Building Daily Routines For Successful People by Carl Preston (Note from Thea: please excuse some of the grammar, Carl’s native tongue is not English however the tips below are good. 🙂 ) Your understanding of yourself has a tremendous effect on how you are perceived by others. Self confidence is incredibly significant in…

The Ultimate Guide to Meditation

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Meditation. What is it? We’ve all heard of it. Maybe you’ve tried it a few times, or if you’re truly dedicated to it, you do it every day. Meditation is one of the best things you can do for yourself, as it has the potential to transform your life. Read The Ultimate Guide to Meditation by Lars King.

3 Simple Steps To Stop Sabotaging Yourself

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3 Simple Steps To Stop Sabotaging Yourself by Natalie Ledwell Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. It’s sad, but true? Even when we think we’re doing all the right things, our subconscious can sneak out and undo some of our best plans. As a result, if we don’t first get control of our…

6 Awesome Secrets of Super Achievers

6 Awesome Secrets Of Super Achievers quote

6 Awesome Secrets of Super Achievers by Michael Lee What are the secrets of super achievers? How do they become successful in almost everything they do? Are achievers really born and not made? Why are they on top, while many are not? These are some of the questions you may ask if you are finding…