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Write a self improvement guest post articleHave you written a self growth article that you might like to publish?

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1. IT IS FREE for you to publish a self growth article here and no reciprocation of any kind is expected from you.

2. Your article will be published provided that it is good quality, that your bio points to your own, genuine and well presented website, and that your article brings great value to readers.

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5. Select articles will also be introduced and linked in one of the 365 Forward Steps Notes, for my subscribers to “bump into” via their regular email series. In some cases, I may send a solo mail to Forward Steps subscribers, with a link leading directly to your article.

6. Please be aware of copyright when sending material. All the work needs to be your own or work to which you have full rights.

7. I will create images for your article. You can see examples in the more recent articles published at this blog. Those images are used by me for sharing your article at social sites (as outlined above).

8. It is important for you that you also include 3 or 4 lines about yourself and your website. Your bio needs to include a live link back to your personal improvement web site. If you do not include a few lines of bio about yourself and your site then your contribution will not be published.

9. I recommend that you read this excellent piece by Glen Allsopp “Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide” and this excellent blog post by Peter Sandeen.

10. Please… use this proof reader, before sending your contribution.

11. Should your post’s bio or article contain links to products that have an affiliate program, then… if I am already a member of that program, I will replace your URL, with my own affiliate URL.

12. You may need to wait up to a week (sometimes a little longer), before I post your article contribution, and publication time will depend on my schedule!

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