Everything is Made of Energy

Everything is Made of Energy by Gary Evans

Everything is Made of Energy by Gary EvansWhat do you think the world is made of? If we go by the latest findings of physics, we find that if break things down far enough -molecules to atoms, to subatomic particles… – all there is at the “end of the line” is energy. There comes a point when there is simply no solidity, and everything is made of energy. This includes everything in our physical world -rocks, plants, animals, our own bodies. The implications of this are quite astounding.

How does this aspect of physics relate to the idea of creating your own reality, or the Law of Attraction? It relates in a very fundamental way. Think about what it takes to have a thought, a desire or a belief. What are these made of? There is certainly no solid substance that makes up your thoughts or emotions. So these can only be energy. The same energy that makes up everything else in the universe. So this means that your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are made of the same “substance” (which isn’t really a substance at all, but pure energy) as all of the “things” in your environment. This makes the idea that you can create your own reality a little more plausible, doesn’t it?

The belief in a solid universe may seem comforting, but it’s also limiting. For it seems hard to believe that our thoughts, which cannot be touched, felt or measured, can have much influence on solid matter. Yet if we remember that matter itself is simply a certain pattern of energy, then we may be able to get our minds around the notion that our thoughts can indeed influence the world around us.

Just as the physical objects around us are made of energy, so are the concepts and structures of our society. This includes that seemingly powerful thing that so many of us are obsessed with -money. What is money but energy? Its value certainly does not come from the paper, or even precious metals that money may be made of. Using American dollars as an example, a One Dollar bill has the same amount of paper as a One Hundred Dollar bill. It is only a belief system that makes the latter one hundred times more valuable than the former.

The value of any money comes entirely from beliefs. This is actually becoming more obvious in recent years, as money is becoming less and less tangible and more something that gets transferred electronically from one account to another. You can feel abundant or poor based entirely on sums of money you can’t even see. Does this make it a little easier to believe that by feeling more abundant you can actually attract more money?

Your mind can be thought of as an energy broadcasting station that attracts similar energies from the world around it. Since everything is made of the same energy, the only differences that exist are between different kinds, or patterns of energy. So if you want to change the “things” in your life, you really only have to change the kind of energy you are broadcasting.

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Article Source: Gary Evans at Ezine Articles