Learn How To Astral Project For Beginners

Learn How To Astral Project For Beginners by Amy

Image-AstralProjectionWhat is astral projection? Is it real? Can I have an astral projection? Is it safe? At some point in the journey of learning how to astral project, you’ll ask yourself a number of questions. Perhaps you’ve just heard about astral projection and you’re a little skeptical. Or maybe you don’t understand how it’s possible for a person to ‘leave their body’ behind as it is often described. In any case, the first step to learn how to astral project for beginners is to understand how astral projection works.

A simple way to think about astral projection is to think of a car. That car has the potential to drive, but only when it has a driver. Your mind is the driver and your body is the car. Most often, your mind drives what happens in your body and the actions you carry out, but just as a driver can leave the car for a period of time, your mind can also leave your body. When the driver is out of the car nothing happens to it – it only sits and waits to be driven again. It’s the same with your body. That is, you don’t need to worry about leaving it; without the driver it is possible to stay perfectly safe.

If you understand this analogy then you can begin to learn about the process of astral projection. It’s fairly simple to understand. Basically, you have to first feel relaxed. This is accomplished by giving attention to your breath and focusing on calming and quieting your mind. It’s sort of like meditation. Once you’ve achieved a state of relaxation you can proceed to start feeling the energy working in your body. Your mind will need to be charged with the energy of your seven chakras and your kundalini in order to be able to exit your body.

After giving attention to your energy you need to protect yourself. It’s not that the astral realm is in some way unsafe – that is, not if you do it right. Essentially, by visualizing your body protected by a shining white light, you can reduce your chances of encountering harmful entities on your astral journey.

The next step is to hypnotize yourself. If you’re worried that you can’t accomplish this you needn’t be – actually anyone can do it and it’s easier than you might think. On the whole it involves quieting your mind to a point where you’re in the zone, you’re focused, and you’re immersed in your own consciousness.

When you reach this level it’s natural to experience astral projection. As it occurs you can effectively start to see your body as you leave it. It may feel strange to look upon your body from this different viewpoint but you’ll grow accustomed to it after it happens a few times. Like I said before you don’t need to worry about leaving your body behind. It will be fine without you.

Astral travel for beginners is something that you should really try, if you would like to open yourself up to the possibility of entering a new realm. It’s easier than you may think and you don’t stand to lose anything when you try.

Author: Amy has been writing articles on behalf of websites such as The Art Of Astral Projection, Chakra Healing, Quantum Jumping and more, for quite a while now. Personal development through self help is her forte in writing.