Be Grateful for What You Have

Be Grateful for What You Have by Nate Freedman

Nate Freedman 320x250px profile imageWhile listening to a cd the other day, I heard a speaker say to be grateful for what you have and to work with it. I thought about what he meant, and the words had a profound effect on me.

Live Now

It seems that so many of us are spending too much time living in the past or the future, that we spend very little time in the right here and now.

By doing this, we are ignoring what we have right in front of us, always looking back to the “good old days” or thinking what you could do “if I only I had x, y or z.”

However, the truth is that we all have the ability to make our lives exactly the way we want, but by focusing so much on how life used to be, or what life could be, we ignore our ability and live a life vastly different than we envisioned. Many of of the people who come to see us for coaching in Capalaba are like this.

Take Stock of What You Have

A good way to begin is by taking stock of all of the wonderful things in your life and being grateful for them. Also be grateful for all the challenges that you face, as it is through those challenges that we grow as people.

Once we know what we want in life, and understand and are grateful for everything that we already have, we can then move forward by removing the things in life that stop us from having the life that we truly desire.

Examine What is True Benefit

When people come to us for hypnotherapy to remove the blocks in their life, we often ask them the question, “How much do you tolerate?” This is to say, everything we do, we do because it will bring us benefit, but of course there are also drawbacks.

My question is which drawbacks can you tolerate? Are the drawbacks negating some or even all of the benefits?

For example, for whatever benefits smoking brings, we will also be likely to suffer from numerous health problems, die younger and have less energy.

Some people say the benefits of smoking are greater than the drawbacks. However, if you say that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, then you have become grateful for the things in your life from which smoking detracts.

It is recognizing this block that lets you live now, and create the life that you truly desire.

Author: Nate Freedman is a team member at Steve Gardiner – Quit Smoking Hypnosis. He enjoys personal improvement, exercise and spending time with family.