Stretch Your Mind By Reading More And Faster

Stretch Your Mind By Reading More And Faster by Jovell Alingod

Stretch Your Mind quotation imageReading enriches your knowledge of fascinating facts and stories and stretches your mind, helping you discover new ways of thinking and acting. Needless to say, reading faster can only improve how much fitter and wiser your brain gets.

In fact, speed reading has some hard-to-miss benefits as it taps into critical thinking, analytical skills, and problem-solving, contributing to a flexible, inquisitive, and stronger intellect overall.

Become an expert

Speed reading lets you become an expert in your industry, or even better, the niche of your choice. The faster you read, the more knowledge and wisdom you acquire, necessary for taking the right steps at the right time.

Reading lets you gradually and steadily become an influential expert in your field. What’s more, it allows you to remain there, progressing and never becoming irrelevant. Needless to say, having an edge boosts your confidence and makes you more credible and influential in the eyes of your colleagues (and your employers!).
Speed reading improves your prestige and expertise; in other words, it let you develop a deep, comprehensive knowledge of your niche and take advantage of it to become an innovator and trailblazer.

Be on top of your game

Speed reading lets you become aware of the latest trends, developments and changes in your industry before everyone else.

When you must daily read blogs, online magazines, newspapers, publications and everything else in between, it’s essential to have a decent reading speed level in order for this task to be efficient and not counterproductive.

This is especially important if you’re in an industry that’s growing fast. With speed reading you can gather the expertise and knowledge necessary for moving up the career ladder and never really losing your edge.

Turn information into something manageable

Reading is no longer time-bounded; you can learn more of what excites you in less time. This substantially increases your knowledge of things that matter to your personal and professional life.

With speed reading, knowledge becomes accessible and easily attained. Especially in this information-laden era of social media and constant online information circulation, being able to digest big chunks of information in less time will skyrocket your expertise.

An immediate benefit of being a potent speed reader is that information becomes timely and manageable, and acquiring it a task that facilitates your progress rather than hindering it.

Nurture your talents

One of the reasons why people refrain from learning new things or getting new qualifications that can advance their career is reading. Reading can be a frustratingly laborious and time-consuming process. With speed reading, however, you can excel in multiple skills and develop new capacities simply due to your ability to read and learn things faster than the rest.

Multiple side benefits of learning to speed read include a better memory, a more advanced focus, and improved analytic skills, such as seeing the bigger picture and connecting new knowledge to existing facts.

In effect, speed reading lets you create an ever-expanding repertoire of knowledge and skills, inevitably making you stand out.

Become a better person

While the other benefits have focused on how speed reading affects your career positively, we can’t ignore the fact that it has other unmistakable benefits for your personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Speed reading stretches your available time, as you can read more in less time. As a result, through speed reading you can take hold of knowledge and wisdom that would otherwise take entire years to accumulate. Consequently, you can quickly advance spiritually, intellectually and at any other level you might wish to.

Efficient reading skills are considered a tool for accessing truths, facts and wisdom, often unreachable through conventional reading speeds.

Becoming a speed reader lets you hone your skills, increase your knowledge, and sharpen your expertise, while concurrently saving you time you can use in constructively advancing your career and personal growth in more tangible ways.

Author: Jovell Alingod is a Project Manager for eReflect, developer of 7 Speed Reading software, a product currently being used by tens of thousands of happy customers in over 110 countries.

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