Harmony And Balance In Yourself

Harmony And Balance In Yourself by Hedy Kalker

Harmony And Balance In Yourself by Hedy KalkerHow do you establish and maintain harmony and balance in yourself? Lack of harmony and balance, in my experience, is mainly caused by the imbalance between your inner and your outer.

Let me explain:

We all have a unique inner nature that we express unconsciously all the time.

Let’s take the example of a person who has a fiery, dynamic nature and this person is dressed in black. Others would find this person pushy and have arguments with them or avoid them altogether. Yet if this person were dressed in such a way that their clothes and hairstyle reflected their fiery, dynamic nature, others would understand them, recognise their nature and probably enlist their help with something that needs to get done swiftly.

Not only that: most people are aware of having a vague sense of constant unease. When your outer looks are not congruent with our inner nature, there is no harmony or balance between the inner and the outer. This often leads to doing things that compensate for this feeling of unease, not knowing that it is simply the imbalance between the inner and the outer that gives you this feeling of unease.

Here is where you can learn, how to create harmony and balance between the inner and outer.

This course is, firstly, about discovering your true inner nature and secondly, about learning how to reflect this magnificent one-of-kind YOU on the outside.

This course is not about your changing your image. Why would you want to do that?

The beauty of this course is that nobody tells you that you are this type or that type. You, yourself, discover your true inner self. You will recognise your unique gifts and talents and then feel good about yourself.

Many women have a wardrobe filled with clothes that they don’t feel comfortable in. They wear the same few outfits all the time and the rest just hangs there. Consider, however, that every woman is naturally beautiful and every man is naturally handsome. But often we don’t appear that way because we become slaves to the fashion trends.

Once you have done the Transformation Inside Out course, you will know exactly which clothes to buy and your wardrobe will be filled with winner outfits. What’s more, clothes shopping will be a cinch.

Once your clothes and hairstyle reflect your true self, your inner and outer will be in harmony and balance and you will be able to maintain this harmony and balance. You will then embrace and accept yourself just as you are and you feel good about yourself.

Harmony And Balance In Yourself by Hedy KalkerOne of the most interesting benefits of the Transformation Inside Out course is that many people lose weight. A woman from England wrote on my website that she had lost 4 stone in one year. That’s 56 lbs. or 25 kg. I too have lost weight – 13 kg since I discovered my true self and dressed to reflect the true me.

Author: All her life Hedy Kalker has been observing people, trying to find out what made them tick and how they could be true to themselves. This search led Hedy to study psychology, sociology and anthropology.

Since Hedy is also creative and artistically inclined, she studied fashion design and painting. She learned a lot about colours and finally put together a life-changing course called Transformation Inside Out (Transformation Inside-Out) which guides people to discover their true inner nature and teaches them how to reflect their magnificent true self on the outside in their clothes, hairstyle, etc.