Triggered an Unresolved Emotional Issue?

“Why Pain or Injury Strike at Exactly the “Wrong” Moment” article written by Barbara Clark

Unresolved Emotional Issue article image 4 1500We’ve all been there…

You’ve just land your perfect job, perfect client, perfect romance or are about to take the trip of a life time and wham! You are hit with pain or have an “accident”!

You are just about to make an important presentation or celebrate a long planned anniversary, you’re about about to help your kids move into their first home and your back goes out.

You are about to take the trip of a lifetime and are hit with a tummy bug.

You face a great career opportunity and break or sprain your ankle.

When these things happen we often curse our fate, complain about our luck or grumble about our bodies.

Unresolved Emotional Issue article image 3 1500Why do these things come about at precisely the “wrong” time?

Are we cursed or doomed or dysfunctional in some way?

Are we deliberately sabotaging ourselves or is something much deeper and wiser going on?

Those of you who know me, know how passionate I am about teaching your body is not your enemy!

When you don’t understand why these things happen or what messages they have for you, you could easily believe your body IS your enemy.

Time and time again I hear stories of this kind of thing happening and without exception, when I look at the circumstances, I can see the underlying message.

At least three friends have broken or sprained their ankles when they had either moved to a new school and felt frightened and out of their depth. Or faced a huge change in the direction their lives were taking.

I wrote in depth about ankle injuries in my article Why People Break, Sprain and Otherwise Damage Their Ankles.

Lower back pain is another great one!

Job insecurity, birthdays, retirement or even children leaving home can trigger this because these occasions confront us with our own mortality. They can bring up deep layers of fear and insecurity about what lies ahead or about our standing in life.

You can learn more about lower back pain in my article Healing For Your Lower Back.

Unresolved Emotional Issue article image 2 1500So, what is the best thing to do when you are faced with injury or accident at precisely the “wrong” moment?

The first thing to realize is that it struck at exactly the RIGHT moment!

It struck to let you know that some part of you is feeling scared, is out of its comfort zone or is being reminded of a previous time it felt that way.

So often, when we are making big changes in our lives, our bodies step in to tell us that an unresolved emotional issue has been triggered.

Your body is actually doing you a favor!

An illness or accident can give you some time to stop and think, to do the emotional work that needs to be done and to allow the rest of you to catch up with the new direction or life challenge you are facing.

Unresolved Emotional Issue article image 1 1500The best way to speed up your recovery is to thank your body. Don’t try to fight or resist the pain.

Deliberately and consciously go into the pain, let it know you are listening to it and are open to hearing what has come to teach you.

Try to see the bigger picture. Yes, you may have been inconvenienced, however this now provides you with a great opportunity to know yourself better, perhaps to rest and reassess your situation and to learn and grow.

Your body has great wisdom, it’s much better and less painful to go with it, love and learn from it than to fight and struggle with it.

Whether you are dealing with illness, dis-ease or weight issues, a positive, cooperative approach is much gentler and more effective than beating yourself up and battling your body with negative self-talk.

You will feel better, heal faster and your body will come back into balance much faster when you realize you are both on the same side and work together.

Author:Barbara Clark article profile imageBarbara Clark is an Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki Pracitioner, author of the Beyond Affirmations healing mediation series and a channeller. Her book, Brighter Horizons: Spiritual Illuminations from the Magdaleine Group has been described as “right up there with Abraham, Seth and Conversations with God”. Barbara is passionate about sharing one simple message; Your body is not your enemy. It is always, always doing the very best it can to support you. Grab Barbara’s free Relaxation & Well-being MP3 and a complimentary guide to what your everyday aches and pains really mean.