15 Ways To Rekindle Your Relationship

15 Ways To Rekindle Your Relationship, an article written by Hubert Koh

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It is not the time for you to give up on your relationship nor is it the time to look for adventure somewhere else.

If you and your partner have been together for so long that it no longer feels like you are in love anymore, know that there are so many things that can be done to reawaken every aspect of your relationship.

The truth is that love never dies we only suppress it with our daily hustle having forgotten the little things that make the relationship feel alive.

You need to find ways that will help you reconnect with your partner and fire up that love that brought you together.

Here are a few techniques that will help you ignite that spark of love and closeness that once was…

Rekindle Your Relationship article image 41. Put Your Focus On The Positive

As much as there are times when things may feel negative or your partner may do things that are displeasing, that should never be something you use to judge how bad or good your relationship is. The best way to ensure that every good little thing keeps growing and sparkling is by paying more attention to the positive. Be quick to appreciate when your partner does something good for you but not just quick to get angry when they show up late for a date.

The truth is that positivity creates positive moods and that is what each of you needs to stay happy and in love. Frequent arguments and disagreements affect your love and romance right from the roots. When things get dark in the relationship, bring your thoughts back to the times when you fell in love and to the reasons why you did, this changes so much.

2. Touch Each Other

There are so many situations where you find that couples don’t feel as attached as they used to because they have forgotten the essence of physical contact. Don’t limit touching, kissing or holding each other to the time when you have the desire to have sex. Research documents that affectionate touch always enhance a person’s feel-good hormones and that pushes you to want to be closer to your partner. Not touching your partner enough makes the two of you very distant and that is the point where love starts fading away.

3. Communication

We all know that communication is a vital aspect in cultivating healthy and strong relationships. There is always an emphasis on the importance of having open and honest communication with your partner because holding things back only detaches the two of you. As much as all relationships have ups and downs, effective communication is what makes it easier for you to overcome any challenges.

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With good communication, you will be able to understand each other and also determine what each person’s needs are, much of what you need for a stronger bond. By always making an effort to talk to your Page 3 of 7 partner more, you will be avoiding any misunderstandings that result in confusion, hurt, anger or resentment.

4. Flirt With Your Partner

Many of us think that flirting should only be done in the beginning of a relationship and that when we become familiar with our partners we stop. It could be a secret for you to rekindle that spark as it makes your partner feel and know that you still find them attractive.

Flirting is a necessary tool even in long-term relationships as it reminds you of what you love about your partner, gets you thinking about sex and keeps the spark of romance alive. This flirting could include giving compliments, dressing up for them, touching them, joking, kissing them etc.

5. Meet Bedroom Needs

The bedroom is your special place with your partner and that means you should make the best of it. Just because you have been together for so long doesn’t mean that you should stop paying attention to your spouse’s bedroom needs. The thing is that we all have different needs and we should make an effort to understand what our partner’s needs are. If these needs are met then you all enjoy the relationship and won’t feel the need to look for satisfaction outside the relationship.

6. Maintain Attractiveness

No matter how long you have been with your partner you all need to take care of your general appearance. After years of marriage or dating, so many partners begin to neglect their appearance which is wrong because maintaining attractiveness is what you need to rekindle the spark. Keep looking good or then and they will always want you by their side and will also feel sexually aroused.

You not only need love to maintain the spark in the relationship but paying attention to your appearance is what contributes to mutual attraction and also what keeps the fuel burning.

Rekindle Your Relationship article image 37. Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

There should always be time for laughing and joking around with your partner. Being grumpy all the time kills your partner’s moods. This means that even when you have issues they should be brought up with some humor and not excess anger. When you become much more used to laughing and smiling with your partner it becomes more difficult to get angry with them.

It’s more difficult to love a person if they don’t make us laugh or if we don’t laugh together. Laughter is what you need to overcome any kind of stress and conflict. Laughter and giggling with your partner increases happiness in your relationship.

8. Give Room to Breathe

Just because you are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that every aspect of your lives are now tied together. You really need to give each other time to breathe and allow each other space, to do your own things. There are times when too much familiarity is what causes the flame to fade away.

Make an effort to have your own “me time” and do things that are good to you. Allow your partner to do the same. All happy couples understand the need of prioritizing both alone time and couple time.

9. Tell Your Partner You Love Them

A day should never go without you reminding your partner that you love them or assuming that they already know. This generally makes them feel happy and confident that they are still loved and appreciated. It plays a huge role in making sure that you remain connected in every aspect. It is love that most likely brought you together and it is, therefore, love that will definitely keep you together. The more you say it even at a point when you don’t feel it, then the more it is rekindled.

Rekindle Your Relationship article image 210. Love Yourself

Self-love boosts an individual’s confidence and self-esteem and is quite an admirable character. The thing is that people will always treat you the way you treat yourself and so to be loved you have to begin by loving yourself first. To love your partner that too has to grow within you. Self-love also changes how one feels and acts and it enhances positive moods which means a happier relationship.

11. Explore New Things Together

It also helps to create memories and have an adventure with your partner from time to time. This should be in every area of the relationships including your sex life and is what will make the relationship more and more interesting. Doing new things together includes visiting new places; try out new things which are all part of creating experiences that bring the two of you closer. It is an opportunity to understand one another more by finding out new things that both of you enjoy or love doing.

12. Express Gratitude

Another important thing you should know about healthy and happy relationships is the importance of showing gratitude. No matter how little those things are each partner needs to appreciate and not take them for granted. Make every day a chance to show your partner how much they mean to you and this should be done both through words and actions. Gratitude works on uniting the two of you in a unique way and it also brings out the best in each person. A heart that appreciates is also one that loves and expresses happiness every time.

Rekindle Your Relationship article image 113. Honesty

If there is one thing that keeps relationships going, it is honesty. From that, trust and respect grows. Honest partners never take advantage of each other and are always there to support the other through the good and bad. The moment trust begins to fade away then every other aspect of the relationship is also affected.

Honesty allows partners to live in reality and rely on each other, something that strengthens their bond. When honest, you can share with one another all your experiences and that means being more open to your spouse.

14. Respect

Am sure you have come across content that claims respect is at times more important than love which could be true. It is said that all healthy and happy relationships are all built upon the foundation of respect. Am sure you know that you have to give respect in order to get it as it is a two-way thing. Your love and romance will grow only if you value the importance of mutual respect as with that comes love and support.

When each of you feels respected enough, you begin to value your relationship and your partner. Without respect, love dies and each of you lacks the desire to work on building the relationship. Learn to; therefore, respect your partner’s needs, thoughts, feelings, and words even when they don’t align with your own.

15. Go For Another Honeymoon

This is something you do to remind yourselves of how it all began and reasons why you should not let the relationship go to waste. It is a time to spend some quality time together, unforgettable memories and reawaken your passion. Going for another honeymoon reduces stress and allows the two of you to have some alone time; away from work or family. It’s also the best way to celebrate your relationship and not worry over life.

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