Procrastination Lingering Over Your Head

Procrastination Lingering Over Your Head, an article written by Chris Ferguson

Procrastination article by Chris Ferguson image 1Sometimes in our lives, we all have a feeling that we want to go do something or meet up with someone with which we feel unsure and uncomfortable.

From starting a new job, getting into a new relationship or moving to a new city, we hope that we like it and we can find a place to fit in and start a new chapter in life.

It can be a scary world, especially when we need do things that we really don’t want to do.

Yet, we must go through change to become a better person and to have another opportunity for what is available out there in life.

What if that procrastination is holding us back?

What is it that is holding us back from reaching out to the new potential, that is waiting for us to grab it by the horn and take over, and how do we handle it?

How can we get past it and take that next step for moving forward?

Let’s explain.

When we hold back on something, we think of and are afraid of what the outcome might be. We are afraid that the change we’ll make won’t turn out the way it is at first perceived by us. We’re afraid that the idea, the relationship or the job won’t work out because of the required effort we need to put in. We become uncertain about how well we might enjoy it and whether it actually will make us happy.

In order to get rid of procrastination, we need to begin with an open mind about the opportunity that is out there. We have to learn how to start giving things a chance, no matter how good or bad the situation might initially appear to us.

If it’s in our best interest and something that we like and enjoy, then it is definitely meant for us.

If it’s not in our best interest, and we feel that it’s not best for us, then it wasn’t meant to be. We can then move forward onto something else.

I’m going to give you an example.

When I was hired by a cleaning company, the first thing I thought of was the great pay. I’d get to work a few hours, five days out of the week, and have the weekends off for myself. So, I took a chance at the job, thinking it would be easy and something new that I thought I would enjoy and like.

However, during my first week on the job, I could already tell that the work was too hard. It was too hot inside no matter how many fans were blowing. Everything had to be set in a different order and I definitely wasn’t enjoying it.

By the third week, I still wasn’t happy and told them I couldn’t do this work anymore. It wasn’t all cracked up to be. Yes, the money was good, yet it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Procrastination article by Chris Ferguson image 3They let me go, I was happy and I went back to my other job, at which I was almost making equal the amount of money that I was bringing in with the cleaning job.

In addition, when we procrastinate, we lose out on chances that might be good to us.

For example, with a girl or guy who we may find attractive and with whom we have a good connection, we hold back and think about how it may not work out so, we don’t call them and they may end up dating someone else.

As soon as that opportunity passes us by, we kick ourselves and become angry and frustrated at ourselves, about why we didn’t go for it. When we procrastinate, we soon learn the consequences of that and we see that we’ve blown an opportunity.

We must be able to stand up and be confident in going after the things we want out of life.

If you want to move to a new city to escape from a small town that has limited potential, then now is the time for you to make that change.

The longer you wait, the more missed opportunities will pass you by.

By being confident in ourselves, we can achieve and accomplish so much more of what we want out of life. It’s not too late to do something about that, and with your life.


Procrastination article by Chris FergusonChris Ferguson is a self improvement sales letter copywriter who enjoys writing and help others. For over 10+ years he has developed a passion for creative writing.
Chris loves giving others the motivation and skills to get their life back on track. No matter who we are, we going to face some ups and downs in life and if we can help one another get back up on their feet, the reward of help someone change is one of the most greatest feelings in life.
When he is not working, he likes to draw, travel, listen to electronic music and loves to play with his cats.