Chakra Meditation


image - chakra meditationChakras are situated in different important parts of the body like the head or the heart. The benefits of Chakras are to control those organs and this in turn affects operations of the part of the body. According to the philosophy of Chakra, there are seven important Chakras controlling operations of the body.

The main or primary Chakra is at the coccyx or the bottom end of our spines. We have to get total control over it to be able to live best. This controls our health, constitution and body safety.

Next in importance is the Solar Plexus Chakra and this is located within the navel and the heart. This provides strength to our will and ability to transform ourselves into superior beings, a little better than ordinary humans. Control of personal energy, concentration, development of power and authority, self-control, discipline and total development of all human beings originate from here.

The third Chakra is in the throat between the chin and chest and this determines abilities of communication. This also determines judgment of communication received from others like its truth, their honesty, nature, etc.

The Crown Chakra of the highest order is at the top of the head and this controls all dealings of the mind and spirit. This determines levels of our consciousness, mind, spirit, space, time, awareness of universe, will, receipt of divine wisdom and inspiration. It is our closest contact with the Higher Being.

We have only dealt with the most important Chakras and there are more. They are seven since according to the philosophy they are based on also provides for seven main energy centers of the body. They control all the sources of energy flowing through us and they exist only in spirit and are related to physical organs of our body. This is what relates every sense feeling and experience that we have to some Chakra, and when we are disturbed, the concerned Chakra is also unbalanced and we as a being are also disturbed.

Disturbances of these natures may be corrected and the best method is through certain new techniques that have come about. These are easy to understand and use. We can also use different methods to apply to each Chakra. It was not so easy earlier when different physical audio methods were required and that required long periods of study and practice.

Details of these practices can be seen on the aura and chakras page and changes in our body take place through meridians. Again during efforts at correction, if one system goes out of balance, it can throw other systems also out of balance. This can be corrected only through meditation.

This process also helps you judge whether your system is in balance or not. Details can be seen in the seven chakra pages given. Imbalances reflect as different manifestations like overweight, hemorrhoid, degenerative arthritis, knee pains, sciatica, etc. Solutions are to relax your system.

It is chakra meditation, to get into a correct balance for Chakras, that leads to good health.

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Image: Meditation by Brunhilde Reinig