Can others help you gather motivation?

Can others help you gather motivation? Article written by Wade S. Lang

Can others help you gather motivation 1500px_3In my late 20s, I can still remember how I waited for months before my much-awaited job appraisal.

Every passing day in that timeframe was all about checking my inbox, hoping that elusive congratulatory message will pop up somehow.

For majority of those times, it didn’t. I was frustrated. It’s like me being undervalued and underpaid when I’ve been results-driven all of my working days.

Indeed, my main motivation driver was financial rewards and recognition. Without those, my driving force to excel at work plummeted. It was at an all-time low.

The crazy is thing is that I went to work with a sluggish outlook, and somehow ended up energized and lively at my shift’s peak hours.

How was that possible?

It was all thanks to my highly competitive and cheerful colleagues. They reminded me every day how work – and life – should be done.

Our brains are inclined to imitate the expression of others.

That’s the reason why you frown (and your eyebrows stiffen) when someone tells you their unpleasant experiences.

That’s also the reason why stressed people in comedy bars laugh hysterically at the joker’s antics and facial expressions.

It’s because emotions and expressions are contagious. The competitive drive of someone can be transmitted too.

What are the odds of an average student on pursuing excellence when he’s grouped with bright and hard workers? Skyrocketing, right?

Now what do you expect when he’s teamed up with slackers and complacent folks? Exactly what you think.

Can others help you gather motivation 1500px_2Deep down our core, we’re all adaptive beings. We relate with other’s feelings, and end up absorbing their emotions.

Choose the people you associate with.

There’s sufficient rationale in the saying, “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Your immediate friends and colleagues highly influence your level of motivation, since they’re the ones whom you spend majority of your daytime with.

When you’re in a company culture that fosters team synergy, camaraderie, and positive vibe, it’s hard to try and resist pursuing excellence.

You’ll likely be challenged as you don’t want to be the weakest link among the group.

Meanwhile, negative colleagues who do nothing but complain with work quotas and deliverables are nothing but distractions.

They make you question if it’s really worth working, and further drags your motivation levels.

Can others help you gather motivation 1500pxChoose folks who remind you of the joys of giving it your all, not ones who tolerate slacking.

The mundane things count too…

Ever saw a happy family in the park as you travel home?

What about those lovely daffodils springing from its buds?

Perhaps you saw a vagrant who’s surprisingly enthusiastic?

Such are the little joys in life that can motivate you too.

Pay attention to those, and you’ll surely have a dose of inspiration to be all-out for that day.

What’s amazing is life’s way of giving us little things too cheer about, at times it’s daunting and depressing.

As a concluding thought, it’s just plainly impossible to feel reinvigorated and motivated all the time. We can feel tired, stressed, or burdened, that’s why it’s important to hinge on the positivity of others for the sake of ours.

Who knows if what all you need to jumpstart your day is a light chit-chat or a beaming smile from your seat-mate? Go find it!


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