Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Mind

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind, an article written by Melisa Marzett

We are living beings. We receive and produce our mental energy using water, air, sun, food, laughter; let alone, we are cultural beings who consume energy from the books we read, social relations, journeys and video games.

Potential Of Your Mind - Forward Steps image 1500px_1Here is Melisa’s review of the main energy resources for refreshing and increasing the power of your mind.

1. Drink water for necessary body hydration

Water is the main source of mind’s energy and is the first step on the way to mental energy improvement

There was an interesting research study back in the year 2012 with London students’ participation…

It was found that students who were drinking water during an exam, increased their scores on average by 5%, compared to those who were not drinking any water.

Keep that piece of advice in mind whenever you are getting ready for an exam.

2. Practice cognitive breathing techniques

We are able to supplement mind’s energy with our breathing. For example, if you feel anxiety, stress or melancholy, breathing will help you to restore self-control.

Practising this technique, you will notice that cognitive breathing is able to prevent mental energy loss in critical situations.

3. Use daylight as a natural source of mind’s energy

Internally, daylight causes metabolic energy increase, it is a natural source of vitamin D (which affects the connection speed between neurons) and ‘switches off’ sleeping neurons, causing a feeling of sleepiness within us.

Have you ever noticed how your mental and physical energies increase in the summer season and decrease closer to the autumn season?

It happens because direct and intensive light makes us more active, increases motivation and working ability. For example, it is easier to bear a long, hard working day when it is light outside.

Have you noticed what happens in a darkened room instead? Our body feels relaxed; we speak quieter, slower and less.

In accordance with data of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the light stimulates the right brain hemisphere which gives obviously positive effects on mental processing: thoughts become deeper and purposeful, plus creative abilities are stimulated.

4. Receive a mental energy boost with the help of diet

Keep a balanced diet choosing products which contain necessary nutrients. It is obvious that we receive the greatest part of our energy from food.

There are certain food products which are recommended for those of us who are wanting to take good care of our brain health and who strive to keep its functioning healthy.

Food that contain a big number of omega-3 fatty acids, vegetable oils, B vitamins, folic acid, and especially vitamin D, antioxidants or phosphorus.

A right diet may help you prevent Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing of the brain.

Potential Of Your Mind - Forward Steps image 1500px_25. Laughter stimulates your positive mental energy

They say that there is no better medicine than laughter. Laughter plays a necessary part in the the formula for physical health (for example, reducing blood pressure), let alone good psychological health (our mood and emotions) and feelings of social connection (improvement of relations with other people).

Some studies show that laughter brings mental processing about that counteracts psychological problems such as depression or insomnia.

6. Reading books help you to grow and are healthy

The process of reading apart from the joy we receive while reading is able to stimulate and considerably develop our brains.

Read a book, a novel, a poem… oftentimes, it helps us to understand reality better, takes into account points of view which are different from ours and gains us new knowledge.

7. Personal relationships are a source of emotional energy

From the perspective of personal relationships, quantity does not matter. Quality of our relationships makes the greatest difference.

Studies about friendship in social networks show that many online friends is perceived by our ego as having social advantage. Giving us a feeling of belonging, of greater social support and confirms a higher social status. Do you really have that many friends?

8. Journeys refresh your mind and renew your mental energy

Meeting new cities, countries, and people is a way to open new boundaries and escape for some time from the everyday.

Potential Of Your Mind - Forward Steps image 1500px_3New faces, new clothes, new buildings, new landscapes… your brains rejoice with the new attractive drives and actively creates new neuron connections.

Moreover, journeys develop your personality and help you to feel more satisfied, happier and confident.

9. Daily walking gives mental energy bringing you closer to environment

Walking on foot more often and using public transport such as a car or the metro less, helps take care of our physical health and gets our juices flowing, to the point where our risk of heart disease reduces.

If you got used to walking around the city on foot, it is going to be easier for you to stay positive during a day. Unlike people who spend too much time driving their car through stressful traffic daily.

Based on Dutch studies, which were published in the year 2015 in Geographic Journal and dedicated to problems of human interaction with environment and its influence onto our feeling and psychological health, a conclusion can be made that people who were walking through a city every day felt more autonomous, were open for interaction with other people and felt themselves more integrated into surroundings.

10. Brain games increase mind’s energy and power

It is no surprise what an important role our active participation plays in the process of cognitive functions and mind’s abilities development.

As a matter of fact, we can train and stimulate our brains in order to increase its energy.

That way, our brain can increase its capacity and information processing speed, to improve plasticity, flexibility, ability to renew information and its speed of response.

Author:Melisa Marzett - Potential of Your Mind article 285pxMelisa Marzett is positive by nature so it does not take much for her to stay positive.
She believes that bad thoughts cause bad things to happen while good thoughts make something good happen, which is why it is highly important to think positive.
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