Power Words To Say To Yourself (To Become Happy And Successful)

Power Words You Should Say To Yourself To Become Happy And Successful by Jovell Alingod

Power Words quotation imageIf you want to become happy and successful, you need two things:

• A clear, feasible plan outlining your goals
• The perseverance to work toward achieving those goals

To become happy and successful, you first need to know what exactly you want in life and how you will get there.

Life coach, Martha Beck, says that what we need to find happiness and attain success is not some vague goal-setting plan, we need to visualize our successful, happy selves and describe in only three words what that future “us” is like.

She explains that the adjectives we use determine what path our efforts towards success will take. So instead of saying I want to have babies, switch your perspective to a future time in which you already have a baby and describe what kind of emotions and mental states your future self is experiencing. For instance, some people might say “calm, present and caring” are words that describe their future self in that situation.

Focusing on what emotions a goal will bring might even surprise you. When you analyze the words you use to describe your emotions in the future, you might realize that you already can be described using those same words. Have you already achieved the goal of being calm, present, and caring?

On the other hand, you might visualize the future as being chaotic, distracted, and angry – and if your goal is to be calm and caring, then it’s possible that you need to envision another means of reaching that goal. Think of it as a trial and error game, one that you play mentally until you determine your true goals in life.

Describing your future hoped-for success and happiness in adjectives is the first step to discovering how you can reach success and happiness. It will help you:

• Narrow down the work needed to get you there
• Illustrate what circumstances, people and resources you need to achieve it
• Keep you on track when your spirits are low or when you’re struggling

The second step in using words to help define and achieve your goals is to use “power words” that will give you momentum and inspiration. Don’t underestimate the influence language has on your emotional state. Words carry energy and you’re the one who can choose whether that energy will be nurturing and inspiring or negative and undermining.

Power Words That Describe Positive, Energetic Intention
Embrace / Awaken / Breathe / Align / Empower / Inspire / Experiment / Grow / Create
These verbs are dynamic. Inside each word is bold, intense energy that is unleashed into the world when the word is said out loud. These words empower you. They motivate you to work on your dreams and achieve your goals. These action-laden power words will be your little reminders that your goals are as far-reaching as you allow them to be. Any dream can become a reality!

Power Words That Amp Up Your Emotional State
Relaxed / Blossoming / Confident/ Mindful / Hopeful / Serene / Visionary / Responsible / Purified
These words, all of them adjectives, can help you narrow down your emotional state and define its reach. They lead the way for your actions and emotionally prepare you for a journey that can be long and demanding.
Words like blossoming, confident, and purified evoke images of accomplishment, optimism and perseverance — essential for making you feel capable of accomplishing all your goals.

Power Words That Attract Order And Calmness
Wholeness / Simplicity / Minimalism / Spontaneity / Thankfulness / Creativity / Self-preservation
While the previous list of power words focused on how you can find motivation and courage to accomplish your goals, this list of power words targets another essential aspect of goal-achieving: equanimity, purpose and mindfulness.
Words like wholeness and simplicity remind you that no matter how far you are from your goals, you can still take a pause and appreciate the present moment’s gifts, your health, your children, your past successes, your privileges.

These power words, along with the adjectives that you identify which describe your future (or present) happiness and success, will keep you on track and inspire you to attain your goals one step at a time. Not only do they provide perspective, but they also act as little alerts that life is meant to be cherished at every step of the way.

Author: Jovell Alingod is a Project Manager for eReflect – a world leader in self-improvement software for all ages. eReflect strives to provide the best in vocabulary, spelling, typing, and speed reading software. And currently these products are being used by tens of thousands of happy customers in over 110 countries.

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