Little Things Accomplish Big Things

Little Things Accomplish Big Things by Shaun Rosenberg

accomplish big thingsWhat is the secret to success? Is it a high IQ? Is it money? What about some special skill that only a few people have? While these things are good to have, they do not determine success.

There are people with high IQ, working minimum wage jobs. There are people who inherit millions of dollars, only to lose it all within a few short years. Just because someone may have a special natural talent, doesn’t mean they take full advantage of it.

In most cases the secret to success is simply the result of consistency and determination. You don’t need to have a special ability in a given field in order to succeed. The single most important variable to success is the ability to keep moving forward and keep trying new things, until you get where you want to go.

Anyone who has ever read books like “The Millionaire Mind” or “The Millionaire Next Door” has learned that most millionaires didn’t get that way by accident. They got that way because they saved their money, invested it and kept doing little things each day, in order to get closer to their goals.

It took years for them to become financially independent, it didn’t happen overnight. Once more, they were only able to do it because they did little things that would help them become richer and continued to do them over a long time period.

This strategy of doing little things each day to accomplish your goal has a powerful effect, regardless of what your goal is.

If you have a blog and want to fill it with high quality articles you can start by writing one article a day, for an entire year. After the year, you will have a blog with hundreds of pages of unique posts on it which is more than most bloggers will ever create.

If you want to make new friends and talk to one new person a day, then after a couple years you will probably end up knowing the entire town.

When you do little things over a period of months or years it all adds up. Although doing one small thing will probably not have that big of an effect on your immediate success, if you keep doing them then they have to ability to build upon one another and compound upon themselves.

When you have a major goal in life, it is hard to get yourself to want to do it. For instance, if you want to write a 300 page novel it can be pretty overwhelming. Yet, when you only focus on doing little things, like writing 5-10 pages a day, you will see the book finished in no time.

The other advantage of doing one thing a day is that it makes you feel better about yourself. If you only look at the big picture, of what your ultimate goal is, you are going to burn yourself out and feel bad because you never end up accomplishing your goal.

When you focus on just doing a few little things each day then you are going to see yourself accomplish those little things. This is going to build your confidence and give you inspiration to keep going. It gives you that momentum you need, as you start seeing results. The catch is, you’ve got to get started and you’ve got to keep doing it, until you see results.

What are you waiting for?

Little things add up but they don’t start until you do. Every day that you postpone, before you began your journey, means you are lessening the effect of this powerful phenomenon. Start doing little things and watch them compound in your future. You’ll be amazed at the results and, before long, you’ll accomplish big things!

Author: Shaun Rosenberg is an internet marketer who has always found inspiration in reading about self improvement. His love of self improvement and personal growth has lead to a new passion, blogging. Recently he has started his own blog to inspire people to accomplish their true potential and to be who they really want to be. Visit his blog at