Remove Personal Obstacles Easily

Remove Personal Obstacles Easily by Linda Smith

Bullockcart - How To Overcome Personal Obstacles Easily Article ImageRemove personal obstacles easily – especially those that are self-inflicted or from the past.

This brief little exercise is incredibly useful for you whenever you find yourself at one of those crossroads where you have done all the weighing of pros and cons and used all the strategies that you have for choosing or deciding on a course of action, but you just haven’t been able to take that next step that will lead to “getting ‘ er done”. Often, I would come across a student/participant who had a blockage from an event in childhood. One woman found that procrastination in getting her driver’s license was hooked up with an accident she had had with her brother’s toy truck! This exercise can be useful in far reaching fields like; parenting, health care, self-help, business, sales and anywhere at all that one is looking to improve oneself, or to support other people who are taking steps in positive directions and achieving desired results (or “trying”).

Avoid Repeating No-Longer-Useful Conversations

What most of us, in our self talk or in talking with others (mothers, fathers, kids, co-workers, etc.) want to completely avoid in our daily or in our occasional significant conversations, are repeated conversations that re-call or re-deal with the same objections or doubts about the same issues, over and over again. At some point, we almost bore ourselves into just giving up entirely from exhaustion, or descending into a frustrated rage at ourselves or someone else who we have managed to find to blame.

This powerful below-the-threshold-of-conscious-thought exercise has been derived from techniques that hypnotists use to install post-hypnotic suggestion. Now we can use the power of deep trance without the trance!

Quick and Easy
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A very brief and easy exercise, called the ‘AS-IF” frame by the Neuro-Linguistics community, is one of several surprisingly simple options. Results are no doubt what you have on your mind while you are reading this. We may all agree that the most frustrating obstacles to personal progress in how we want to respond and/or feel, are those that we believe have already been completely addressed, handled and put behind us. Then, when they “rear their ugly heads” again for the umpteenth time, it feels like we’re just flat out losing it!

If you would rather get results without seeing a hypnotist

The “As If” frame can sometimes bring as much of a change as a professional deep trance intervention, but it is easily done with your own fully conscious participation. You can use this model to weaken the ability of your old doubts or objections showing up again and and again and interfering with your forward progress. We can consciously harness the unconscious mind and program a congruent response that weakens the possibility of obstacles (particularly in the form of self doubt) re-surfacing. We can use and strengthen our own original state of strong resolve and apply it to the subject at hand, and carry it all the way into the future, as far as the mind can see and project.

If you want to get the this same result but below the threshold of consciousness, or without strong directives like “I want (you) to picture xyz” you can just quietly “future pace” the state of mind you want by casually asking the future based questions.

Let’s have an example

Suppose you have agreed, either with yourself or with someone else like your partner, to a change that you believe is absolutely the best thing you can do in a given situation. You can use this with business and/or personal issues, like changing jobs or moving. All the financial and personal issues have been addressed and resolved, but you just don’t seem to be able to take the concrete step or steps to move ahead. Self nagging and bad feelings about yourself are bound to be the outcome, instead of the desired change.

These 4 steps start the setup

1. Remember the feeling you had when you first concluded that you were making the correct choice, taking the right decision.
2. Ask yourself: “Where in my body did I “know” the decision had been taken. Somewhere in my body I felt that my process was complete and the choice had been made …Where is it?”
3. If you can’t remember the moment of this particular choice completion, maybe because too many doubts have been interfering since, you can still remember a time when you had that absolute congruence for a different choice. A time when you had done “it” and you were right (like a time you chose that perfect easy riding toy truck for your kids and it worked out for them beautifully that we used in the seminar to help the nice lady get her driver’s license), or really any great experience in which you were fully congruent.
4. Check different areas of your body for familiar signals

Where in my body did I “know” that I had made the right choice?WhereInBody - How To remove Personal Obstacles Easily Article Image

“In my throat?”

“In my solar plexus?

“In my gut?”

“In my shoulders?”

“In my face?”

“In my head?”

“Is there any change in my breathing?”

Everyone has their feelings differently and all you have to do is look for them within yourself. You will know what they feel like and where they are.

To get your results, take what you have just identified and do the following

-Be certain that you have good access, as if you are right there IN the moment. That moment is your personal resource and you own it. You can refer back to it and use it again and again, at will, whenever you want or need to.
-As you re-experience the moment, look around and see what you saw, as if you are actually right there in that moment looking out of your eyes.
-Remember what you could hear in that moment and hear what you heard as if you are hearing it right now, in this moment.
-Feel what you felt now (remember, you just identified that feeling or feelings and their location(s) within yourself.

If you want to enhance this feeling the most you possibly can, remember a smell that may have been associated with that feeling, in that moment, and smell it now.

Complete the change by installing it in your future thinking (we call this part “Future Pacing”)

You are in the moment, you feel your confidence, you are taking the next step(s) towards the change … see/hear/feel yourself in that moment right now … see/hear/feel/smell, as if you are experiencing this tomorrow … see/hear/feel/smell the same 2 days from now … . next Sunday … 2 weeks Wednesday … 1 month from now … 3 months from now (maybe the season is changing) … 6 months forward … One year from today … and out ahead into your foreseeable future … . nine times out of ten, it will be all the same. You can repeat this any time you feel like strengthening your “decision state of mind” and you can use this same little exercise any time you feel a little “wobbly” and want to be certain again that you are sure.

AUTHOR: Linda Smith is an expert in emotional change using Neuro Linguistics. She spent over 25 years teaching her seminars to Social Workers, Chiropractors, Psychologists and Business throughout North America and Europe. Traveling has changed as has life. Linda is more likely to be found in a pair of timberland pitboss steel toes, running the dogs, than in a pair of 5 inch heels.

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