6 Meditation Techniques (For A Peaceful Life)

Meditation Techniques For A Peaceful Life by Olivia Thompson

Image - meditation techniques - zen rocksAre you stressed? Do you have any ailment that you cannot get rid of? Then it is time you considered the option of meditation.

Simple techniques can help you get rid of several chronic ailments and also improve your lifestyle. There are several simple techniques that you can follow yourself. You can also take the help of a trained guide to show you the several techniques and help you in gaining personal improvement.

Simple things like, sleeping for 7-8 hours, having a healthy diet, and maintaining a daily exercise routine can help you to get rid of many of the ailments and attain mental peace and physical well-being.

Before beginning anything, take the advice of trainers and other people who have done it. This will help you to avoid the same mistakes made by them. You can also begin by reading up books and articles on this and find out which of the meditation techniques are best for you and whether you can do them on your own. Some of them are discussed below.

Basic Meditation: this is the simplest and can be done by anyone without any guidance. All you need to do is sit alone, quietly and concentrate your attention on yourself. Do not let your focus wander away. This helps you to gain control of your own mind.

Focused Meditation: Here, you have to focus your attention on a specific object. It can be as meager as a dot on the wall opposite to you. Through this you can train yourself to control your consciousness.

Sound based meditation: Sound or music plays a vital role here. A series of sounds or a specific music designed especially for meditation purposes is played and you have to concentrate on it. It helps in producing a calming effect and heightens your self-awareness.

Breathing exercise: You do not have to concentrate on anything external. All you need to do is take deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing. Inhaling deeply helps you to intake more oxygen. As a result, more oxygen is transported to your brain which rejuvenates the brain cells and improves your concentration. Continue doing this as long as you need to until your mind relaxes completely.

Clear mind: This is in a way like basic meditation. Here you need clear your mind of all the thoughts and worries and completely empty your mind. You do not have to concentrate on anything. Though it sounds simple, it is not so simple to do. You need a lot of focus to completely free your mind of any thought.

Binaural meditation: This technique makes use of the specially designed binaural beats for meditation purposes. These can easily transport you to a calmer and more peaceful state of mind.

 Olivia Thompson has written several blogs about how meditation can improve your lifestyle. Here she talks about some meditation techniques that you can practice on your own.