Take The Time To Live

Take The Time To Live by Robyn M Speed

Take The Time To Live by Robyn M Speed quote imageHow often do we sit with our diary, on January 1 and wonder what we could fill those pages with? And how often do we look at that diary after a few months and look at what we have filled the pages with?

Are we living consciously? Or are we frittering away the days? Is the diary filled with such things as: did the groceries; washed the windows; visited Abby; Judy popped round; paid the bills; make a cake; don’t forget to pick up the dry-cleaning; rotten day at work; bosses are driving me nuts?

So often, we get so caught up in getting through the day that we don’t notice what is in the day. With all our modern technology at our fingertips we have not gained more time, we have lost it. Now we feel we have to be on the computer keeping up with friends, writing blogs, reading blogs, and playing games. We feel we have to watch the big television we bought and also all the programs we recorded. We feel we have to text our friends and respond to their texts, in fact we spend more time texting that we do talking.

What we have done is speed life up, wind it tight, coil it, and then race from moment to moment doing all we feel we should be doing.

Is this really what we wanted? Does this make us happy?

Thinking back to that diary, what do we want to fill it with? What goals do we have? What accomplishments do we desire to achieve? Is there a better way to spend our time?

If we have a big goal, break it down into achievable steps. If it is to write, or learn a musical instrument, let’s do so and write in that diary ‘wrote 100 words today’ or ‘spent 20 minutes practising the guitar’. The 100 words might be the minimum we choose to write, and the 20 minutes might be the minimum we spend practising.

Make sure we choose a minimum that we can easily manage, because if we make it too much we won’t manage and then we’ll give up. We need the diary to be motivating, not disappointing.

If we want to get into gardening this year and be as self sufficient as possible, we can look at what we need to do. When should we prune? What month should we add fertilisers etc? When did we turn the compost over? What month will the compost be ready to go into the garden? When should we buy seeds and start our seedling trays? Will we stagger the seeding? When will we plant out the bean seeds and will we stagger them too?

All of these things can be written in the diary so we know what we are up to, and we know that come harvest time we will have done all the preparation necessary. We will have a bountiful harvest because of all our careful planning.

If we are interested in baking more, note down what recipes to try. We could even pop them inside the diary page. Record the results. Note down what we made, difficulty factor, taste, and if the family enjoyed it.

If we are a poet, see if we can write even one new line of poetry every day. It may take us a week to write a seven line poem, but so what. Every day we can write down that we did that one line.

We will find two outcomes from the processes we are talking about

One is that our diary is going to show we have done something of value with our time. We have pages filled with what we have been doing. We have pages yet to fill that are already marked with what we need to do on that day – and that can be really motivating.

The other outcome is that we will be excelling at what we devoted some daily time to, be it learning a musical instrument, writing, poetry, martial arts, self sufficiency in the garden! We will look back and see how we kept on track, kept working.

One shows that we are doing something with our days and the other shows the results of that.

Let’s make the most of our daily time, not fritter it away. Let’s live each day. Let’s get out there and rake up the autumn leaves and add them to our compost. Let’s sit out under the sun and enjoy the stillness and the peace.

Let’s make technology work to free us, not enslave us.

Author: Robyn M Speed embraces her gift as a writer, combining over two decades of intensive spiritual evolution with her lifelong passion for writing. Robyn had entered her manuscript ‘Dimension’s Doorway’ into the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition, a contest in which I had also participated. This novel is both story and a guidebook for the spiritual traveler. Visit her profile and if you like her work then let her know, by sharing her site, commenting at her blog or buying her book(s).